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Government’s Mother’s Day message is that a mother’s love is not unique.


Each Mother’s Day, we celebrate the unique and irreplaceable love of mums everywhere.


But this year, the government is making motherhood irrelevant to our statute law and our constitution.


Adoption: mums are nothing special

Right now, our adoption law expresses a preference for children being placed in families that can give them a mother and a father. But the government’s Children and Family Relationships Bill, currently going through the Dail, will remove that preference, so that a single man or two men will be able to adopt children on exactly the same basis as a married man and woman.

If the government really valued motherhood, it would maintain a preference in adoption law for placing children with families that can give them a mother’s love and a father’s love.

Egg donation – natural parenthood ignored

The Children and Family Relationships Bill also allows egg donation, which means that a child can be separated from their genetic mother through an organised, state-sanctioned system. This means they are saying the natural mother doesn’t matter.

A child will have a right at 18 to know who their egg donor mother is. But this is no substitute for a relationship with your mother. If the Government really valued motherhood, it would ban egg donation, as Germany, Italy and Austria do.

Surrogacy: Splits motherhood and denies children mums

Health Minister Leo Varadkar has outlined detailed plans to legalise and regulate surrogacy in a future Assisted Human Reproduction Bill. Surrogacy, in every case, splits motherhood in two, and separates a child from either their genetic mother or their birth-mother, or both.

For example, one man or two men can use an egg donor and a surrogate mother to have a child but then raise that child without any mother, with the express approval of the Government.

It is clear in other words that the Government does not believe a mother’s love is unique and irreplaceable.

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