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“Accord” funding cut speaks for itself – MFM 13/05/15

Mothers and Fathers matter issued the following statement in response to breaking news that marriage counselling agency “Accord” has suffered a cut of almost €400,000 in its funding following its opposition to the marriage referendum:

“This is a petty and vindictive move by a petty and vindictive Government, and their attempts to deny what has happened here are a little bit desperate and extremely unconvincing.

It is now patently clear that, as YES spokesperson Noel Whelan said on RTE’s Prime Time debate last week, there will be no place for agencies like Accord in the Government’s vision of marriage. Voters should be aware of this.

We urge the Government to immediately restore the funding to Accord, and to confirm in writing to voters that the funding of no catholic agency will be threatened by its opposition to same sex marriage in the event of a Yes vote”.

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