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Amarach polling shows voters in favour of NO campaign alternative 19/05/2015

“Amarach Research, on behalf of the NO campaign, have conducted polling on the issues in this campaign.

A major finding of that research is that a clear plurality of voters believe that same-sex couples should be afforded equal rights in article 40 of the constitution, and not article 41 as the Government proposes.

The fact is – and this is recognised by voters – that the Government is inserting 17 words into article 41 that are effectively a wrecking clause. In the event of a yes vote, the constitution will now say that the marriage of two men, or two women, is legally identical in every respect to the marriage of a man and a woman.

This will have serious consequences for all future family law, particularly as it relates to children.

Again, we urge voters who believe that all our citizens deserve equality to vote NO on Friday – there is a better, fairer, way to do this that gives parity of esteem to gay couples while protecting the rights of children to a father and a mother”.

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