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Kenny said he wanted a debate – now let’s have him set the date

Press Release from Mothers and Fathers Matter

Kenny said he wanted a debate – now let’s have him set the date

We’ll even help him out by giving him our points in advance

Taoiseach Enda Kenny promised in January to take part in “live debates” with opponents of his government’s same-sex marriage referendum and should now name the date and venue for such a showdown, Mothers and Fathers matter have said.

Commenting ahead of the Fine Gael Campaign launch this morning, Mothers and Fathers matter said:

“The Taoiseach said he would be “happy” to take part in a debate. Well, so would we.

We know Enda Kenny’s handlers may not like the idea of him having to actually debate his reasons for wanting to redefine marriage, so we’re happy to tell them in advance what the main questions he will face in the debate are. Here are three:

1)    Mr. Kenny, do you believe children have a natural right to know their mother and their father?

2)    Mr. Kenny, do you believe creating a child with the intention that that child will never know its own mother is a good thing, or a bad thing?

3)    Mr. Kenny, was Leo Varadkar wrong when he said that children had a right to a mother and a father, and that this was “more important than the right of two men or two women having a family?” If he was wrong, why was he wrong?

Now that Mr. Kenny knows what our main arguments will be, we are happy to give him some time to prepare himself for this debate with his handlers. Whenever he is ready, we will be.

The only question that remains is whether Mr. Kenny is a man of his word – for if he is not, why does anything else he says on this issue matter today?”


Note to Editors

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Enda Kenny on taking part in a debate:




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