Meet the Team

Our staff were chosen for their expertise in their respective fields. Like many digital organisations, our staff work from home from all around the world. Please take a look at our content team, editorial team, and digital team below.

Content Team

Leon Chu

Content Creator

Leon Chu is a content creator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After studying Psychology at college, Leon spent time as a freelance content writer before working with MAFM.

Barbara Kirsch

Content Creator

Barbara Kirsch is a content creator and mother from Cincinnati, Ohio. While in college, Barbara studied Communications and Creative Writing, with a focus on journalistic writing. She has previous experience working as a freelance writer and content creator. Outside her career, Barbara loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, traveling, and playing sports. She has two girls, two boys, one husband, one cat and one dog!

Emily Reynolds

Content Creator

Emily Reynolds is a content creator from Manchester, England. After studying Journalism at university, she worked in local media for several years before moving to digital marketing. Emily has a passion for writing, and enjoys working with brands to create engaging and informative content. Outside her career, Emily loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, traveling, and playing sport. She has one daughter.

Sarita Kapoor

Content Creator

Sarita Kapoor is a content creator from Mumbai, India. After studying English Literature at college, Sarita worked as a nanny/au pair for fifteen years, gaining experience in early childhood education and care. Sarita loves spending time with her family, reading, writing, and traveling. She has two sons and one daughter.

Editorial Team

Sam Harding


Sam Harding is an editor of eighteen years and a mother of two from Bristol, England. Working primarily in local media in her earlier career, Sam made the switch to digital after the work from home revolution. She uses her unique life and work experience to review, edit and improve MAFM content.

Joseph Kipyego


Joseph Kipyego is an editor and father with a long career in publishing online content, having worked in digital marketing on a consultancy basis with well-known brands and resources.

Digital Team

Glenn Cullen

Digital Marketing Manager

Glenn Cullen is a digital marketing expert from Bristol, England. He's responsible for the technical SEO aspects of our site design, for digital outreach/PR, and for identifying opportunities to reach a wider audience online. He has eight years of experience in agency-side SEO, but made the switch to client-side in 2020, and has been happier ever since.

Amit Sharma

Web Publisher & Wordpress Technician

Amit Sharma is a web publisher and Wordpress expert from New Delhi, India. Amit has over eight years of experience in website design and development, having worked both in agencies and as a freelance consultant. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of our website, and for publishing content after final approval.