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“NO” ad in local papers addresses issue at heart of campaign 13/05/15

Mothers and Fathers matter has said that its new ad, which includes a cartoon of a young girl asking for a mother and a father and being told ‘shame’ in response, goes to the heart of the issues in the marriage referendum.

The ad is running in some local newspapers this week, and has already provoked a lively response on social media and elsewhere.

In a statement, Mothers and Fathers matter said:

“This ad is to the point, and we designed it to be just that. The fact is that if this referendum passes, we will be saying that two men or two women are just the same as a man and a woman and that any child who feels otherwise is to be denounced.

“This is already happening. Mothers and Fathers Matter hosted a speaker two weeks ago named Heather Barwick who was raised by her mother and her mother’s lesbian partner. Heather, who is American, loves her mother very much but when she said publicly that she missed having a father, pro-same sex marriage campaigners loudly denounced her as a ‘bigot’ and a ‘hate-monger’.

Other people raised by same-sex parents who said in public that they missed having a mother or a father have also been denounced.

Local radio stations could do worse than interview Katy Faust about this. Katy, who is also American, is available for interview given enough notice.

In this campaign, a Yes vote is a vote to create some children that will lack a mother or a father deliberately, not  by circumstance. A no vote protects children, and doesn’t change the civil partnership rights that gay couples already enjoy.

It is doubly unjust when a child is denounced for saying they missed have a mother or a father.

We believe the ad tells a story, and we hope that the Irish people will think carefully before they vote”.

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