Our Editorial Policy

At MothersAndFathersMatter, our aim is to put the parent back into parenting: to help you care for yourself and understand yourself better, so that you can parent better too.

This aim permeates everything we do. That’s why we adhere to the strongest possible editorial process as detailed below.

How We Create Content

Parenting, self-care and mental health are serious topics, which is why we take our content creation process seriously too. This has only become more true as the number of information sources has increased in recent years. As such, we are eager to be transparent in how we research, write, edit and update our content.

Our content creation process begins with research. Our team of expert writers use their experience, knowledge and research skills to draft an outline for the topic at hand. They then address each question in turn with reference to academic sources and parents’ experiences.

When finished, this content goes through a multi-stage editing process. This touches first on correctness of spelling and grammar, before looking through each source in turn to ensure that it says what the author claims it to. Our content team are fully accountable to our editing team, and requests for revisions are typical. This back-and-forth process continues until both the writers and the editors are satisfied with the accuracy, helpfulness and readability of the content, all of which is reported upon.

The work is then passed on to the publishing team for final review. With everything in order, the post or page is uploaded, formatted, and posted as live.

Despite our best efforts, due to human error or the scale of content on our website, occasional errors may occur. Should you notice anything in our content you think is wrong, please contact our editorial team at editor@mothersandfathersmatter.org.

Brand ToV (Tone of Voice)

We aim to make our content as simple and human-readable as possible, with a relatable, reassuring and informative tone. This comes from the core purpose of our site, which is to raise awareness of how self-care and mental health help can help us all be better parents. However, precise tone can vary depending on the subject, the writer, or the editor of the content.

Diversity, Gender & Inclusivity

MothersAndFathersMatter.org is not associated with any previous organisation, and was established in 2022 as a site dedicated to self-care and mental health for parents of all kinds, everywhere.

Our content is for anybody and everybody to read and use. We understand that no matter their gender, sexuality, belief, race or age, any parent or guardian will face the same pressures: feelings of inadequacy, frustration, anger and sorrow, and every other twist and turn of the rollercoaster that is the parental experience. We firmly believe in and support the rights of parents in same-sex relationships, of transgender and non-binary parents, of parents of all races, and in short of anybody who wants to improve their life and the lives of their children. We therefore aim to create inclusive content and to use inclusive language, an aim made easier with our diverse writing and editing team.

Please note that we seek to answer directly the questions that parents search for, and in certain instances those search terms are gendered.

Guest Posts

We do not, have never, and will never accept guest posts on our site. This is due to the extensive level of research and editing we require of our writing and editing teams. We also do not accept posts on the basis of PR or for payment. Where we have linked to other online parenting sources, we did so because our writing and/or editing team believed they would make a valuable resource for our readers.

Affiliate Links

Where appropriate, we make reference to products that we believe may be helpful to parents like you. We earn commission if you choose to click the link and buy the products. Affiliate marketing commission pays for our website and servers, pays our content writers, pays our editors, and allows us to continue posting helpful content for you and for everyone. Where we do make references to these products, we make every effort to provide a balanced and realistic view of them. Please read our full affiliate policy here.


Our writing team, editors and publishing team are accountable for the content they produce, and are open to feedback on their work.

For feedback on our content, please contact our content team at content@mothersandfathersmatter.org.

For feedback on our editing policy, please contact our editorial team at editor@mothersandfathersmatter.org.

For feedback on our site, please contact our site admin at admin@mothersandfathers.org.