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Press Release from Mothers and Fathers Matter


“A growing, quiet confidence” in NO side – King


Halfway through the same-sex marriage referendum the dangers of a yes vote are beginning to emerge, as voters increasingly comprehend what is at stake, Mothers and Fathers matter have said.


In a statement by spokesperson Eileen King, the group said it was very happy with how television and radio debates had helped highlight the issues in the campaign, and called again on voters to think carefully before making a “radical and extreme change that could not be undone”.


Ms. King said:


“In the past week the referendum campaign has finally benefited from having some real debates, and the public have finally gotten to see the real issues being discussed. For many people, this will have been the first time they have had a chance to properly engage with the issue.


The fact is that in the past week, they have seen the Minister for Justice expressly refuse to support a child’s right to know their natural mother and father. They have seen yes campaigners talk openly about shutting down marriage counselling agencies, and anybody else who does not subscribe to their particular ideology.


The YES side have been saying for some time that this is about family – but they also say this debate has nothing to do with children. The voters are now seeing a campaign that has no regard for the rights of children to know their natural parents, and that seeks to utterly change the nature of parenting and the rights of children in the most extreme possible manner.

As these debates have progressed, and voters have had a chance to see for themselves what is at stake, so too have we seen the growth of a quiet, determined confidence on the NO side.


You can cross whole swathes of this country without seeing a campaign poster for the YES side – and unlike in our case, it’s not because they’ve been torn down. Even amongst the parties officially campaigning for a YES vote, there is in many places disquiet and unease that the purveyors of such an extreme agenda have held sway over the party leadership in Dublin.


But let’s be absolutely clear – we believe that even though the YES campaign appears to have the weight of the establishment behind it, this campaign is there for the winning. We believe the NO vote is surging, and growing in strength, and feedback to the campaign from people around the country confirms this.


The debates in recent days have shown us why – it’s up to us now to finish the job”.


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