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Ray Kinsella: Children and Family Relationships Bill in need of overhaul 23/02/2015

Writing in today’s Irish Times our chairman, Professor Ray Kinsella says:

the Bill requires major amendments. In particular, it should retain the existing preference for motherhood and fatherhood in our laws on adoption, IVF and other forms of assisted human reproduction (AHR). It contains measures which, if enacted, would be enormously damaging to the welfare of children. The Bill:

1. Systematically removes the preference for motherhood and fatherhood in the law on adoption, IVF and AHR.

2. Severs the connection between a child and his/her natural parents when donor eggs and/ or sperm are used.

3. Facilitates the ‘commodification’of children through facilitating a ‘market’ in donor eggs/sperm.

Read the entire article here.

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