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Taoiseach’s refusal to debate is pathetic – NO campaign

Press Release from Mothers and Fathers Matter

Taoiseach’s refusal to debate is pathetic – NO campaign

C’mon, who’s buying this “nobody’s good enough to debate me” excuse?

In response to the Taoiseach’s refusal to confirm a debate with the “NO” campaign at this morning’s tightly choreographed launch of the Fine Gael “YES” campaign, Mothers and Fathers matter issued the following statement:

“In four weeks, people across the country are being asked to go to the polls and vote on a proposal brought forward by the Taoiseach.

In January, Mr. Kenny said he would be “happy to debate” this proposal live on air with opponents.

When he made that promise, he knew full well that there would not be “party political” opposition to the referendum, so for him to try and use that excuse now to avoid a debate reeks of a naturally occurring form of fertilizer. Does he really think people will believe that there’s nobody good enough to debate him? It’s a real insult to YES side spinmeisters that they have to sell this nonsense for the next few weeks.

Evidently, in the intervening period, someone in Government buildings has decided that the leader of the country can’t be trusted to defend his own ideas when challenged.

The Irish people are being presented with a dishonest campaign that says marriage has nothing to do with children, a campaign that says motherhood and fatherhood don’t matter, and a campaign that says that the family in the constitution can mean anything that the government wants it to mean.

That the Taoiseach can’t be trusted by his own staff to defend these ideas should tell voters everything they need to know”.


Note to Editors

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